Presence Over

His Presence

Order is necessary and of high value in how we operate as a church community and God works powerfully within it, but we always make room for what the Spirit’s intent is when we gather, even if it is outside our plans. We would rather have our plans change than miss out on what God wants to do.

Our Presence

In a world ever increasing in pace, we choose to slow down; to be present with the people around us. Even in church, we are susceptible to prioritizing a task over the people that we are doing the task for.

Substance Over

We believe creativity is a key ingredient in how we form community and communicate the love of God to the world. And in our creativity, we’ve decided that the content of our character will take priority over the uniqueness of our expression.

Family Over Function

When we move in our gifting and purpose, we recognize that we are all children of God and from that revelation our identity is formed. Our unique functions are essential to the full expression of Jesus in his Church but we want to operate in them knowing that we are all sons and daughters before anything else.

Posture Over

Our aim is to pursue humility above all, get low, lift up, and serve even in moments where we differ in opinion. As people, we will take positions and have opinions on many matters, but we believe that when you follow Jesus, the first place he takes you is low. As a community, worship, in its many forms, is a high priority for us — and in its essence, worship is a posture before our King.

Kingdom Over Convenience

We choose to invest beyond what is most convenient to us and our momentary comfort and seek first the Kingdom of God. We believe the blessing in partnering with God far outweighs the sacrifice of laying down our own desires and preferences. We choose to take up our cross, die to ourselves and follow Jesus. The road is narrow but we know that it leads to true life and freedom. Our goal is to love what he loves.

We will not settle for anything less than the fullness of the promise of god