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Raising leaders through moments of encounter to live in the knowledge of God and to be the expression of his kingdom wherever they go.

What sunday Looks Like For Your Kids

Every Sunday, our children gather in a dedicated space just a few doors down from our main congregation area. Our team leads them through an engaging session of teaching, worship, and activities. This time is designed to help them experience the love of the Father, grow in their understanding of Jesus, and encounter the Holy Spirit.

Scroll down to the FAQs below for more information on how to check in your kids.


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Is there a space where I can be with/change/ feed my child during the service?

For parents with babies and/or young children seeking a more comfortable space during the service, we provide a Parent’s Lounge in a room just off of our main congregation area. It is equipped with a crib, two rocking chairs, an area for kids to play, and a TV streaming the service. Upon arrival, please approach one of our hosts who will guide you to the Parent’s Lounge.

What are the ages for your kid's program?

We have a program for ages 5 months to Grade 6 and a part-time program for Grade 7-9.

What happens during a kid's service?

Every week we have a lesson, a discussion about our story of the week, a time of prayer, interactive games, a themed short video, and a weekly activity or challenge. We believe that kids can hear and experience God, and we always allow time for God to move.

How can I check in my kids?

To ensure orderly and safe check-ins for your family, we utilize a program called Check-ins. Parents can sign their children in and out using this system. For children aged 7-12 currently enrolled, parents can conveniently use our iPad station at Connections in the main congregation area. For new families and children aged 1-6, the check-in process will take place at the Kids Church space in our adjacent building.

What time does check-in start?

Check-in starts 20 minutes before the service at 9:40.  

What if my child is sick?

Our program has a wellness policy in place to prevent the spread of illnesses for children in our care. Parents are asked not to check in their child to our children’s ministry program if one of the following conditions exists or has existed in the last twenty-four hours: 

Temperature of 100 degrees or higher 
Weepy eyes
Severe Coughing 
Colored nasal drainage 
Excessive nasal drainage
Pink eye

Can someone else pick up my child?

Yes, if the person picking up your child is on your family’s list on our check-ins app, they are allowed to pick them up. In the event that the individual is not a parent, they can present your family’s barcode sticker, received upon checking in your child(ren). This procedure ensures that only individuals authorized by you are allowed to pick up your child/children.

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